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Recreational activities


The action that develops a living being or an entity can be called activity . Recreational , on the other hand, is an adjective that refers to what offers recreation (entertainment, fun or distraction).

The Recreational activities , in this way, they are those Actions that allow a person have fun or have fun . These are activities that an individual does not perform by obligation , but it carries them out because they generate pleasure.

For example: “Collecting old bottles and gardening are my favorite recreational activities”, “We are going to have to think about some recreational activity for Tomás: otherwise, on vacation, he will get bored a lot”, “Recreational activities on this river attract hundreds of people every weekend”.

The hobbies They can be considered as recreational activities. When a person He decides to do a crossword puzzle, complete a puzzle or use a video game console, is looking for recreation.

A hobby , such as philately or aeromodelling, it is also part of recreational activities because it allows the individual to relax and set aside the pressures and obligations of daily life. This distends and minimizes your level of stress .

In the case of sports , could be considered as recreational activities when developed as a method of recreation. However, these disciplines are competitive: the goal of the athlete is to achieve victory. That is why it is not necessary to define the soccer or at tennis , to cite two sports, as recreational activities, unless they are played without considering the results or that the search for results is taken as a recreation.

Much has been written about recreational activities and in this regard another set of important aspects about them has been established:
-They must be voluntary and not obligated or forced.
-They are synonymous with joy and happiness.
-They are done without expecting anything in return.
-They become a great tool to enjoy and have a great time, leaving aside what are the obligations and commitments, whether work or family.
-They are a great, healthy and adequate way for anyone to take advantage of their free time as they wish.
-They can be done individually or collectively.

Numerous are the classifications that exist about recreational activities, highlighting some such as the following:
-There are scholars who divide them fundamentally into three groups: those related to tourism, cultural and the rest.
-Also there are authors who consider that they can be classified into five large groups: sports, cultural, attendance at events that are previously scheduled, those related to natural spaces and pure recreation.

However, the most general classification is the one that groups them as follows:
-The ones that are done outdoors.
-The manual and artistic creation.
-The recreational activities that translate into attendance at shows.
-The ones that are socio-family type.
-There are also those for reading.
-The relaxation activities.
-The recreational recreational activities.
-The participatory cultural.
-The visits.
-What are audiovisual activities.
-The activities related to hobbies and hobbies.